Total War: Arena Shuts Down in February

Total War: Arena, the multiplayer free-to-play spin-off of the Total War franchise, is shutting down. New players cannot join up and those who are already part of the game will be able to play it until February 22.

Puyo Puyo is Getting an Official eSports Version

Sega’s long-running primarily Japanese puzzle game series Puyo Puyo is getting a special version of the game next month. Titled Puyo Puyo eSports, this version is designed for use in eSports and other competitive events.

Football Manager 2019 Releases November; Removing Manager Man

Football/Soccer fans will be pleased to hear the newest rendition of the Football Manager series will release this November. However, this new entry comes with the disappearance of long-time unofficial series mascot ‘Manager Man’.

A Small Coding Typo Caused Major Problems for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of the more notable failures of the previous console generation. However, a modder’s work at fixing the games flaws has found a small typo that greatly improves the enemy AI when fixed.

Sega Announces Team Sonic Racing After Walmart Leak

Once again, Walmart has wound up jumping the gun with a game’s announcement. Team Sonic Racing, a new racing game from Sega, was leaked earlier this week a few days before Sega officially announced the game.

Humble Brings Capcom X Sega PSN Bundle!

Humble Bundle has just launched a new video game bundle, featuring PlayStation games ranging on the PS Vita, PS3, and PS4! See them all and get them here!

Xbox and PlayStation Open the SEGA Floodgate

Console gamers can rejoice, the SEGA Genesis Collection is on the way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year. See the announcement trailer alongside the official release date!