Stephen King

Castle Rock to Feature New Story Each Season

Stephen King’s latest outing in horror storytelling is a television series titled Castle Rock airing on Hulu. This new series will feature an anthology style season with a new story being told each season should the series be picked up after its inaugural season.

Official Production of IT Chapter 2 Begins

Production has officially begun for the second chapter of IT, where we will see the evil returning to Derry, ME.

Pet Sematary Casts Amy Seimetz as Rachel

The role of Rachel Creed in the 2019 version of Pet Sematary has been officially chosen. Pet Sematary welcomes in Amy Seimetz to the cast.

Horror Movie ‘Christine’ Is Getting a Remaster

Sony is celebrating thirty-five years since the film debut of Christine. The anniversary of this classic horror movie is giving fans a kick-ass remastered version of Christine, complete with deleted scenes. Fans will be delighted to see that a commentary with director John Carpenter and Keith Gordon will also be included.

IT Sequel ‘Chapter 2’ Being Cast

Fans of all things horror will be glad to know that casting for the sequel to Stephen King’s IT is underway! Just recently some casting has been made for this sequel, including an adult version of Eddie. If you were never lucky enough to have seen the 2017 film or the original movie that inspired Pennywise’s return to the big screen,the plot can be summed up like this: a group of misfi...[Read More]

Netflix Welcomes Stephen King’s In The Tall Grass Movie

Fans of all things horror will be delighted to know that a novella by the legendary author of horror Stephen King is being adapted into a scary movie for the popular streaming service Netflix.

Pet Sematary Adaptation Promises Cast of Stars, Brings on John Lithgow

In a year full of remakes, Stephen King fans can rejoice. There is a Pet Sematary remake coming to the big screen in the Spring next year.