Hellmington Review

I am one to hold the belief that not all movies need to break new ground. However, the most important aspect of a film for me is the story and its ability to draw me in. This can extend to the setting, the plot, and the characters and if at least some of those connect to the audience then I can overlook other shortcomings. Hellmington is a 2018 Canadian Horror/Thriller film that tries to tell a go...[Read More]


In 1999, outside the sleepy town of Hellmington, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished. Nine years later, Detective Samantha Woodhouse, a former classmate of Katie’s, returns to Hellmington for the first time since graduation to deal with the unexpected death of her father. His passing just another tragedy in an already devastating year for Sam: her own daughter was murder...[Read More]

Division 19

With jails overflowing, Head of Central Control has brought in a data-warehousing specialist, named Neilson, who has turned the jails into online portals allowing citizens to monitor felons, voting on what they eat, wear, read, watch and when they fight. By far the most popular and downloaded felon is Hardin Jones unknowingly utilized 24/7 to sell everything from jeans to beans. When Jones escapes...[Read More]

Acts of Desperation

A desperate cop on the edge is obsessed over the fact that his beautiful but frantic wife is having an affair. At the same time, he tracks a desperately shrewd bank robber who is falling in love with a desperately obsessed woman whose life he just saved from suicide. As if that's not enough, he is also being blackmailed by two desperately unhinged street criminals who will stop at nothing to get t...[Read More]

Acts of Desperation Review

An unhurried, unique, and unpredictable dark comedy after the build up to the ultimate collision of seemingly unrelated lives. There’s the desperate cop, his beautiful but desperate wife, and a desperately shrewd bank robber. We also have a desperately obsessed, suicidal woman and two desperately unhinged street criminals. Time begins to run out as their worlds all meet in frantic and bumbling sit...[Read More]

The Harrowing

Haunted by the ritualistic killing of his best friend, a vice detective determined to discover the truth goes undercover into a forensic hospital and is plunged into his own personal  hell  where  demons  might  be  real.

The Harrowing Review

Horror is, at its core, a genre that entails exploring what we are afraid of. One of people’s biggest fears tends to be that of the unknown. We fear something because we are unfamiliar with it. This tends to be the basis for many horror films, and it’s probably why mental hospitals are the setting in those films. It’s scary to be in an unfamiliar place with strangers, not knowing...[Read More]

Bird Box

When a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is certain -- if you see it, you die. The survivors must now avoid coming face to face with an entity that takes the form of their worst fears. Searching for hope and a new beginning, a woman and her children embark on a dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find the one place that may offer sanctuary. To make it, t...[Read More]


What would you do if your fears were hacked? >observer_ is a cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team, the creators of Layers of Fear. Play as an Observer, the new front line of neural police, as you hack into the jagged minds of the insane.

>observer_ Review

>observer_, developed by the same team that brought you Layers of Fear, is a look at the not-too-distant future. While LoF brought you traditional horror, >observer_ looks to tap into a fear that you may not even know you had. In a world obsessed with machines and technology, Bloober Team wanted to explore the idea of humans becoming too attached to said machines; literally. Welcome to 2084!...[Read More]

The War in the Dark Review

Nick Setchfield has created a new-age genre-defying novel called The War in the Dark, published by Titan Books. This new novel meshes the genre of fantasy, thriller, supernatural, horror, and an adventure all together and it works marvelously.


A young mother goes into a remote wilderness area with her son and her best friend to scatter her late husband's ashes. On their trek home, they begin to realize that a lone hiker has been following them. After a series of disturbing encounters, they are forced to confront their deepest fears when the stranger's true motives are revealed.

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