James Gunn Apologizes for Fan’s Sorrow after Infinity War

James Gunn has issued an apology on Twitter for upsetting Avengers: Infinity War fans by revealing a saddening reality for one of the major MCU characters.

J.K. Rowling Apologizes for this Death on the Battle of Hogwarts Anniversary

We’re heading towards that time again when the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts is upon us. During that time not only were countless lives lost in the series, but it’s a time for Harry Potter fans to mourn those remembered. This year, J.K. Rowling again apologized for the death of a loved character.

Pokemon For The Switch [RUMOR]

In a Spanish version of Nintendo magazine, an article has apparently confirmed an new Pokemon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Check out here to see the page along with details on the potential upcoming game!

Mew is Coming to Pokemon Go in a Special Quest Event!

Pokemon Go trainers have something to get excited about on March 30th. For the first time since it’s release, the game will be releasing its first Mythical Pokemon with an all-new set of quests.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer Revealed!

The next entry in the famous Tomb Raider series has finally been announced. On the official Twitter page, a teaser trailer alongside the official release date and consoles has been revealed Watch it here!

Wonder Woman 2 Villain Revealed; It’s Kristen Wiig!

Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman has announced the villain for upcoming sequel to the hit film. 

Arkane Studios Hints at Another Prey Expansion

A year after the release of their remake of the classic game Prey, Arkane Studios has begun hinting at possible expansion for the game. Check out their hint here!

The Avengers: Infinity War Coming Sooner than Scheduled

With the recent success of Black Panther, Marvel Studios might be bringing the next Avengers movie sooner in order to capitalize on the hype. After a series of tweets between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios, they announced that Avengers: Infinity War will be released on April 27th, one week earlier than it’s original release date. Fans can now be even more excited with the next entry of...[Read More]

The Witcher Series Coming to Netflix

Netflix is getting ready to make their upcoming Witcher series, and more details along with the pilot of the script have been shown on social media.

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