Ubisoft Avoids Takeover

Ubisoft has announced that they have stopped the corporate takeover by multimedia company Vivendi. This is some very big news in the video game industry that could have changed how Ubisoft had performed as a company, and if we would have ever gotten a new Assassin’s Creed! See all the details in the business venture here.

A Change In Far Cry 5’s Mircotransaction System

In contrast to early statements about the game, Far Cry 5 will include microtransactions for items besides cosmetics. This comes after Star Wars Battlefront II decides to include microtransactions for cosmetics only!

New Splinter Cell Maybe Coming Soon (RUMOR)

On a recent Reddit post, a user had posted a link to an Amazon product page listing a new game in the Splinter Cell franchise. We have all the info here that might lead to a new Splinter Cell game!

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera & Outbreak Available on PC

If you are one of the lucky owners of Rainbow Six Siege on PC, you will be thrilled to know that Operation Chimera and the Outbreak co-op mode on the game’s test server.