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Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Character #27

Blizzard is notorious for hinting at the lore in the game of Overwatch, alongside giving teasers before officially announcing the new characters. Now that we’re coming up on character #27, new hints have been revealed.

Twitch to Support More Female Streamers

In an effort to support female streamers on it’s network, streaming service Twitch is joining forces with the charity The 1,000 Dreams Fund to support the various female streamers on their platform. The fund will being giving out between $500 to $2000 financial grants to help and encourage women in the streaming industry. As of right now, women only make up about 35 percent of streamers on t...[Read More]

Dare to Walk Gets a Blizzard Response

With the massive success of the Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch, it’s only natural to assume that they suggestions by their fans for ideas to put into their game. At their most recent Overwatch League event however,