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Revelation, regret and redemption in the twilight dreams of an aging artist. Set against surreal landscapes spanning one man’s life and career, ZED is a desperate quest to reconnect fading memories and create a final work for a very special person.

Cyan’s New Kickstarter ‘Firmament’ First Look with Concept Demo

If you didn’t know, Cyan Inc. has a new game on Kickstarter called Firmament. Cyan, known for their Myst franchise, are back to their roots with another classic game. Featuring puzzles, and mysterious world that we’ve yet to discover, Firmament is a brand new adventure game that is its own story. Over on Twitch at RobAndDan’s channel, Dan was able to play the proof-of-concept dem...[Read More]

Slightly Mad Studios Teases a New Console

The CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, which created the Project CARS series of racing sims, is teasing a new console. Known as the Mad Box, CEO Ian Bell says that this console will be releasing in about three years time.

The Walking Dead is Getting a VR Game!

The Walking Dead is getting a new video game, set for virtual reality. A the universe and fandom is growing rapidly, there are more and more games putting you in the shoes of The Walking Dead.

Exorcist Legion VR Stealing PlayStation Souls Today

Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd has just released Exorcist Legion VR for the PlayStation VR today! Get into the world of the Exorcist with this new chapter based game.

Watch: Stormland VR E3 Trailer

Insomniac Games, famous for Sunset Overdrive and Rachet and Clank are teaming up with Oculus Studios to bring a new exploratory game called Stormland to VR! This comes after the E3 announcement earlier this week.

Watch: Beat Saber PS VR Announcement

The new rhythm action game Beat Saber, is heading to PS VR utilizing the PS Move controllers. Wield light sabers of your own at home, and enjoy slashing through colored blocks as they come towards you.

Obduction Now Available For PlayStation VR

Being the latest game produced by Myst creator Cyan, Obduction is now available for PlayStation VR. This is a huge addition to the Cyan franchise, as now they are going in VR mode!