wizards of the coast

New Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Announced!

Wizards of the Coast announced their new pre-crafted adventure coming this September! With shenanigans and trickery galore, the new Waterdeep adventure is sure to be a hit!

Dungeons & Art Books?

From Advanced (1st edition) to 5.0, Dungeons & Dragons has been going strong for more than forty years. Veteran players and new comers alike can find something to ‘roll’ about when it comes to the new Dungeons & Dragons’ Art & Arcana: A Visual History coming in October 2018.

Teaming Up for Battlebond – Magic: The Gathering

Prepare for a brand new set of Magic: The Gathering cards on June, 8 2018. The new set, Battlebond, is filled with brand new cards, cards from previous sets, and brand new game mechanics.  This will provide a variety of fun and exciting interactions among friends and on the battlefield.

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