WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 Review

For the first time ever, 2K Games decided to finally release a new WWE game in both, consoles and PC at the same time. I didn’t believe it was going to happen this way, but when Steam allowed me to pre-load WWE 2K19 I knew it was real. Now, it is time for me to share everything you need to know about this game in case you are still hesitating on whether or not to get it for yourself. Specifi...[Read More]

WWE 2K19 Announces First DLC Superstars

2K Games started announcing the WWE superstars that will be available through DLC (or the Season Pass, of course) for WWE 2K19.  Below you can find a list of those already announced.

Watch: WWE 2K19 “The Phenomenal One” Gameplay Trailer

Throughout the last few weeks, 2K Games has been constantly revealing the available roster for the upcoming WWE 2K19 game. Earlier today, we finally got a gameplay trailer for it and you can check it out above.

2K Games Announces WWE 2K19 Cover Star

Earlier today, through a press conference hosted by the WWE Champion, AJ Styles, 2K Games officially announced the arrival of WWE 2K19, with the champion as its cover superstar.

WWE 2K19

2K Games is bringing yet another one of its yearly entries in the WWE 2K franchise with WWE 2K19 which brings AJ Styles as its cover superstar.