Tales from the Sea of Thieves Review

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Titan Books has just published a new video game inspired book titled Tales from the Sea of Thieves, featuring the perspective of three pirates who roam the wide ocean and encounter mermaids, treasure, and some darkly dangerous foes. Through their perspective, we find the humor that can be found in Sea of Thieves along with some interesting material pertaining to the game that would benefit any player.

Paul Davies, notorious for creating other books including The Art of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Art of Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Art of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn, The Art of Deus Ex Universe, and The Art of Thief has put together Tales from the Sea of Thieves through beautiful illustrations and sketches created by the pirates and their crew.

About the Pirates

The pirates who have created this book gave out some interesting details on the world of Sea of Thieves and what it means to be a pirate. Some detailing including how they became pirates is part of it.

“Whenever I have witness pirates coming and going down at the harbour, young or old, male or female, there’s something about how they are with each other that sirs my soul. There is something hidden behind their eyes and resounds through their fearless voices.

They carry themselves so naturally, unshamed.. defiant you could say, with social standing based purely on reputation. ‘What will my legend be?’ I once asked myself as a teenager, sitting down a heavy stack of books by the quayside to rest halfway home from the library. Bookworm extraordinaire? A medal for politeness at dinner? The Professor of small-talk?”

When looking at the detail that is given through the world of Sea of Thieves, the book delves into the natural history including birds, cats, along with a recipe of sorts for ‘turtle sup’.

“Small thickets and wider areas of bushes and trees are alive with the delightful twittering and fluttering of birds. Majestic herons could teach our fishermen about patience”

“Cats are often particularly sought after by superstitious sailors, thought it is luckier if the cat chooses your ship than if you choose one. Should you bring a cat on board against its will, by trapping it, it is a great misdeed. If a pregnant cat upon your ship gives birth your ship will be blessed with one year of very profitable good luck, for each kitten born. The other usual benefits of having a cat around also apply.”

Skeleton Treasure & Lost and Found

Enemies in Sea of Thieves are nothing to joke about. Skeletons for example, posed a huge issue to the pirates writing this book, where their entire crew almost died. While skeletons are a bit problem, they also have treasure.

As for the pirates themselves, they have to embrace the life of a pirate in Sea of Thieves, despite the enemies and the sought for treasure.

“My father’s stories have become my obsession, which is how anyone might look at it from the outside. But you should know that there is more to this than proving myself. Only when the whole world lies before you, across the glittering blue, can you see what you are truly made of. Which is why this voyage, my mission, is about finding the man that exists on the inside. My inner pirate.”

Our Thoughts

Sea of Thieves is definitely a new and interesting game on the Microsoft store, and gives people a good excuse to get together with their friends and man a pirate ship of their own. From launching each other out of cannons to fighting a Kraken, the game is worthwhile.

Looking at Tales from the Sea of Thieves, the book is a great accompanying piece that gives insight to the game through the tales of others, and gives the player a possible mission and voyage to set themselves on.

You can purchase your copy of Tales from the Sea of Thieves directly from Titan Books!

Artwork Images from Sea of Thieves and Game Reactor.


  • Fantastic artwork and sketches
  • Pirate Captain stories are hilarious and worth reading
  • Great connection to the video game


  • Would have liked more information pertaining to in-game knowledge


Story - 8
Pirate Captains & Humor - 10
Connection to Video Game - 10
Helpful Information - 9
Artwork & Sketches - 10
Length of Book - 8
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