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Tetsumo Party is an interesting party game to hit the Nintendo Switch. When jumping in I assumed it would be close to Genital Jousting, Mount your Friends, or even Jackbox. I can say it’s definitely a fun game, but there’s sort of a learning curve to being very good.


The whole gist of Tetsumo Party is you take control of a sumo and change how his limbs are laid out to fit through a gap in the wall. Utilizing the bumpers L & R for arms, and ZL & ZR for legs you change his shape to fit. Otherwise you lose.

It becomes even more complicated when you play with friends and take control of different limbs, up to eight players. I personally think this would actually help the gameplay cause then you don’t have the entire body but only one section. On the other-hand, this causes competitive play as you can go up against your friends. Overall, it is a party game through and through.

The better you do when playing, the more types of characters you can unlock. The sumo is the first character, but you can complete ‘triumphs’ to unlock different ones as well! Just adds a bit more customization to the game, and variety in versus mode.


The graphics for the game are very nice. They’re colorful and appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Part of the reason I was drawn to this game was how colorful it is, and the social aspect it provides. After all, no one wants to play a game that isn’t visually engaging.


Tetsumo Party doesn’t have a large soundtrack. The opening scene has some music, and when you select button there are cheers. In fact the most prominent noises in the game are the voice over reactions to doing good, and the sumo themselves. Overall it’s a very chill game when it comes to sound effects, and the most prominent one being when you fail and a giant sumo butt is takes over your screen.

Things We Didn’t Like

One thing that I found difficult with the game was what I call “the learning curve”. When playing Tetsumo Party each limb goes through specific movements as you click to position it. Unless you’ve played the game for awhile and know the order and have fast reflexes you might find it difficult to control the whole sumo. For this the multiplayer option of controlling only specific parts of the sumo would be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Overall Tetsumo Party is everything you’d expect from a Nintendo Switch party game. It can be played solo at large difficulties, but would be much better in a social environment. The sumo butts hitting the screen when you lose is a very nice comedic touch to failing that makes it light-hearted. I do think Tetsumo Party could be up there in silliness with Mount Your Friends and Jackbox, but it’s definitely for a specific crowd. Not everyone is going to wanna see sumo butts on their screen when they lose.

You can get your copy of Tetsumo Party on the Nintendo Switch for $4.99 USD. It is also available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!


  • Great Social Party Game
  • Graphics and Soundtrack are Thematic
  • Good Value for Price
  • Large Replayability


  • Learning Curve for Movements
  • Solo isn't Great, Better in a Social Environment


Gameplay - 6
Game Mechanics - 5
Soundtrack - 9
Graphics - 10
Replayability - 8
Value - 9
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