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The Boys Synopsis

The Boys comes across as a been-there-done-that story of anti-superheroes trying to prove that the high and mighty are nothing but trash. There’s the elite team of untouchables referred to as The Seven who are capable of some appalling acts. They do so much shady shit, it’s no wonder their adoring fans can’t see the hypocrisy hiding in the shadows.

Cue The Boys, who are willing to do morally questionable acts of their own to take these Super Trashy Heroes down.


So, what makes this series so different? Well, for one, it exists in a world where superheroes are real, but aren’t really heroic. Second, these vigilantes don’t need to look far to prove their claims of trash quite literally flying around the city in superhero form. It’s like it appears right before their eyes or lands in their lap or runs into their girlfriend at the speed of light and obliterates her into pieces.

Yeah, that really happened, thanks to A-Hole. I mean, A-Train. Whatever, same thing. The dude, whose superpower is to run at hella high speeds, decides to do this into a crowded sidewalk. Which is fine, because humans capable of this feat also have control of it, and only trash claim running straight through a mere mortal was a total accident.

Plenty of these “accidents” happen with no consequences. Well, except for the ones quick to remind you they can never do wrong. Remember all the times they’ve saved the world? It’s not like you can rescue the population by day and then subtract from it at night, right?

Amazon Prime Video delivers the first shocking and intense season. It’s based on the comic book series from Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis, so there’s even more to discover. The Boys is unique, unpredictable, creepy, dark, hilarious, crass, absurd, and clever.

Characters (7)

First, there are The Seven.

  • A-Train: Basically The Flash.
  • Homelander: Essentially Superman.
  • Queen Maeve: Wannabe Wonder Woman.
  • Translucent: John Cena.
  • The Deep: Every day is Halloween as he’s going as Aquaman.
  • Black Noir: Lovechild of Silent Bob and Jackie Chan.
  • Starlight: Starbright, yes she’s pretty but she can fight.

Then you have the B-Team, known as The Boys who were previously on hiatus. They all bond over their hate of or mistreatment by The Seven. They couldn’t agree on a name for their “we-hate-superheroes-anonymous-meetings” so they decided to become assassins instead. Considering they start off quite successfully, I feel like they made the right choice.


When it comes to action and crime shows, cinematography is often used as another cast member. Instead of adding to the story as a setting, the delivery seems to become dependent on visuals and special effects. The Boys manages to separate the storyline from the cinematography of NYC, as well as the violence and gore. The special effects that come with portraying superheroes is steady enough to not be distracting, but is nothing memorable.


In comparison to cinematography, relying on music to drive a TV series is not only a necessity, but requires skill. The people in charge of this for The Boys have it. From the Spice Girls to The Clash, the songs and lyrics add a deeper layer to what’s being shown. You can check out every song from each episode here.


Action, crime, sci-fi, and comedy aren’t usually grouped together to describe one series. However, The Boys manages to combine all of these genres while also delivering more. Considering all the layers this show has to offer, The Boys could have easily screwed up trying to blend so many opposites together. Instead, it’s one of the biggest delights to come from this dark and creepy series.

Final Verdict & Value

While I didn’t sit down after months of anticipation to watch The Boys I was not disappointed. It’s not a show that takes itself seriously and it’s one of the bigger reason I enjoyed it so much. The sarcasm and cynicism are a driving force, and if you can’t recognize dry humor immediately you aren’t going to be able to watch The Boys as it’s intended to be.


  • Outstanding performances from the cast
  • Believable characters and storylines
  • The. Music.


  • Storyline is sometimes achingly slow, all for the sake of shock value
  • Gore and violence is unnecessary at times, and also there for the views
  • Strays from the comics.


Story - 7
Characters - 7
Cinematography - 7
Soundtrack - 9
Theme - 9
Value - 8
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