The Open House Review

An Open House is a common practice in real estate, but no one really expects there to be a killer lurking in the shadows of the home.

Spoilers Ahead

There are certain types of story lines that are continuously used in cinema. However most originality is almost always based on an idea from the past. The Open House is no exception.

The Open House follows the story of Naomi and Logan after the loss of husband and father Brian. Brian and Logan go out for a drive and stop at a convenient store where Brian becomes the victim of a hit and run. Naomi Wallace and her son Logan are soon invited to Naomi’s sister’s home. Her sister insists that it would be good for Naomi and her son to pick up and leave to attend to her old home. In other words a small vacation while the sister’s home is up for sale. And better yet! Its an open house showing.

Tension is shown between mother and son, both grieving the death of Brian. Logan being visibly upset about having to leave school while he is still training for track. This being said, the idea of people entering the home without supervision makes Logan uncomfortable. Which to some is understandable. Things begin to go missing and stop working. People in the area are either creepy, friendly, or a combination of both.

When it comes down toward the end we see that someone has broken into the home and set up an elaborate setup in the dinning room with music playing in the background. The police are called and they blame local kids. Which predictably is not the case. Once darkness falls and a friend is invited to keep watch, the killer strikes and we go on the chase.

What to say about The Open House. I wish I could say I was happy with the overall outcome but I can’t lie. This was disappointing. Character development for the main characters went at a steady pace, but when it came to the antagonist, there is none. Just some random guy torturing and stabbing people. There is no inkling as to who he could be or what his motives are. Just this guy who we never see the face of hunting and tormenting the mother and her son. That’s essentially the entire movie.

The soundtrack of course tries to add depth but not even the soundtrack can save this film.

This films starts off developing a story but it falls short of wrapping up the film. Its as if they had no idea how to end it or if they just wanted to leave it at that making us wonder what in the heck just happened. Its a nice change to see a different scenario which includes an open house, playing on paranoia and the caution we have around others we do not know. However even with these factors the movie falls apart at the end due to there being little to no knowledge of why they are being targeted or if this is a repeat offender. We can guess that this person may have been a repeat killer as at the end of the film it shows an open house sign, but its not concrete evidence as it may just be showing the name of the film at the end of the movie as some films do.

At the end of the day, its just one of those films you’d watch if you were bored and scanning over Netflix.


  • A different kind of scenario in a horror/thriller film
  • Environmental settings are a nice touch
  • Acting for some was not half bad


  • Storyline falls flat towards the end leaving a great sense of disappointment
  • The ending of the film's conclusion seemed rushed
  • There is no back story or clues to the killer


Story - 6
Acting - 7
Visual Effects - 7
Soundtrack - 7
Cinematography - 9
Horror - 5
Thriller - 5
B-Rated Horror Movie Enthusiast, currently attending school for my Bachelors in Video Game Art and Design.
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