The War in the Dark Review

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Nick Setchfield has created a new-age genre-defying novel called The War in the Dark, published by Titan Books. This new novel meshes the genre of fantasy, thriller, supernatural, horror, and an adventure all together and it works marvelously.

The book is set in 1963, and centers around the British Intelligence Agent Christopher Winter, who was set out to assassinate a traitor, but comes across something quite unbelievable. Being an Agent, he sets out to find the truth behind the miraculous horror, and this leads him out of London and on a very dangerous path. Along the way, he grabs a partner named Karina Lazarova who aids in his quest.

The characters created in The War in the Dark are very intricate in their missions and obligations, but they are not very relate-able by the reader. That being said, the story and characters fit together splendidly, bringing some of my favorite genres of thriller, supernatural, and fantasy together in harmony.

Without spoiling the book and the intricate plot that unfolds, know that once you pick up The War in the Dark, you won’t want to put it down. The story and plot-lines keep you in suspense for the entire book.

Can we also mention how beautiful this cover is? It was done by Natasha MacKenzie.

I would consider the book to be very historically related as it makes many references to the Cold War, but on a different level. The time-frame and conditions are set, but the circumstances and supernatural tendencies are what set the book apart from our regular history class.

As Paul Cornell quoted on the back of the book, “A smooth blend of James Bond and M.R. James, played with tons of wit and style”. I couldn’t agree more. When reading The War in the Dark, you may think back to the classic James Bond series, especially since Christopher Winter is a British Intelligence Agent himself, set out on an adventure that will test his wills and belief.

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Story - 9
Characters - 5.2
Genre Blending - 10
Length of Book - 8
Sequel or Series Quality - 7.2
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