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The World of the Orville is a new book by Titan Books and developed by Jeff Bond that covers all the details in the new Sci-Fi show on FOX called The Orville. The series was created by Seth MacFarlane, and has similarities to Star Trek and many famous actors and actresses cameos including Liam Neeson and Charlize Theron.

This new book from Titan Books shows an in-depth take of the show in how it was developed, early sketches, and a full look at every main character that takes part of the Bridge.

The entire book covers the first season of the show and how it became a creation from MacFarlane that showed you can have the nitty gritty Sci-Fi aspects of a show, but make it enjoyable at the same time.

Chapters in The World of the Orville

The World of the Orville has many chapters including:

  • The Orville
  • Union Mission
  • Fleet
  • Orville Concepts
  • Bridge
  • Union Ranks
  • Capt. Ed Mercer
  • Ed’s Office
  • Cmdr. Kelly Grayson
  • Lt. John Lamarr
  • Dr. Claire Finn
  • Sickbay
  • Medical Technology
  • Lab
  • Isaac
  • Simulator
  • Lt. Alara Kitan
  • Brig
  • Weapons and Tech
  • Yaphit
  • Engineering
  • Synthesizer
  • Lt. Gordon Malloy
  • Lt. Cmdr. Bortus
  • Shuttle Bay
  • Shuttles
  • The Krill
  • Krill Ship
  • Krill Fighter
  • Krill Shuttle
  • Krill Destroyer
  • Krill Chapel
  • Krill Classroom
  • Exploration
  • New York
  • Ed’s Apartment
  • Darulio
  • Union Headquarters
  • Union Dockyard
  • Epsilon 2
  • Calivon Zoo
  • Bio-ship
  • Moclus
  • Pria
  • Sargas Four
  • Bruidian Ship
  • Navarian Cruiser
  • Clowns
  • Horbalak Smugglers’ Ship
  • Medieval Planet

The show does a great job of blending the silly humor expected from a MacFarlane production, with real Sci-Fi elements that you’d find on Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate. Though the show can be a bit campy at times with the group of people taking charge on The Orville, it provides a thorough grasp of who they are and why they are in the Union.

Director Brannon Braga had thoughts on his work for The Orville and how time consuming and intimidating it can be.

“Directing is like driving, and the Orville is an intimidating spacecraft. Big cast, big sets, big visual effects – everything about The Orville is epic, from its ambitious narratives to its cinematic scope. Oh, and there’s the comedy, which I’d never done before. But here’s the thing: it’s hard to screw up a great script. When Seth invited me to direct the episode “About a Girl”, I was thrilled because he’d written one of the most adept and powerful television scripts I’d ever read. It was my ship to wreck” – Diretor Brannon Braga

Characters in the Show

There are quite a few characters in the show, including:

  • Captain Ed Mercer played by Seth MacFarlane, who is in charge of the Orville ship and the crew. He recently divorced from his wife and had a rough year before being made Captain.
  • Commander Kelly Grayson played by Adrienne Palicki, who is Mercer’s ex-wife and also second in command of the Orville. She balances out his decisions and is his go-to person.
  • Lieutenant John Lamarr played by J. Lee, who is a funny guy that likes to have fun but is also very intelligent.
  • Dr. Claire Finn played by Penny Johnson Jerald, and is the lead physician upon the Orville.
  • Isaac played by Mark Jackson, and is an artificial intelligence from the planet Kaylon. There’s friction between him and the crew as his home planet thinks of humans as inferior.
  • Lieutenant Alara Kitan played by Halston Sage, and she is the Chief of Security on the Orville and comes from a planet named Xelaya that has a higher gravity than Earth. This gives her the higher strength that she has.
  • Yaphit played by Norm MacDonald is a gelatinous life form that works in the Engineering department and has a huge crush on Dr. Finn.
  • Lieutenant Gordon Malloy played by Scott Grimes, is a helmsman for the Orville and Mercer’s best friend. Though Gordon likes to have fun and joke around, he is the best pilot in the fleet.
  • Lieutentnat Commander Bortus played by Peter Macon, is a Moclan from the single-gender race of a heavy industrialized planet. He is the second officer on the Orville.


Like many Sci-Fi shows, they have interstellar enemies to be afraid of, and in The Orville this is the Krill.

“Dangerous adversaries of the Union and anyone else that stands in their way, the Krill are militaristic and ruthless, driven by a dogmatic religion to dominate other species. “The Krill are attacking the Union ships and outposts, and they’re an implacable foe that isn’t interested in negotiating with us or any type of diplomacy,” says David A. Goodman”

Locations in the Show

The Orville takes the watcher to many different locations, including a futuristic look of New York. There is also Epsilon 2 which is an Earth-like planet, the Calivon Zoo, the Bio-ship, Moclus, Sargas Four, and other ships such as Bruidian Ship and Navarian Cruiser. It wouldn’t be a true Sci-Fi show if we didn’t spy other planets and races to become intrigued out.

Special Aspects About the Series

One of the most incredible things to note about The Orville is that the spacecraft is an actual model being filmed and not completely CGI’d into the show. This shows true care for the series and actual prop making.

In addition, the costume design and prosthetics used for the different races of aliens gives a variety to the series and shows the Sci-Fi elements that we have found in other shows.

Final Verdict

The World of the Orville does an amazing job of showing everything about the series and in-depth background knowledge on how it was developed including sketches and concept art for some of the more interesting characters. In addition there is an abundance of information on the different spacecrafts, characters, weapons, and locations throughout the show.

As someone who watched the entirety of Season One of The Orville, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on the series and have a keepsake book to look at.

You can purchase The World of the Orville here from Titan Books for $39.99 USD.



  • More detailed knowledge on characters and locations
  • Detailed images on concept art and sketches
  • Great connection to the series
  • Gives additional information on the entirety of the show


Connection to TV Series - 10
Length of Book - 9
Quality of Background Information - 8.9
Concept Art & Sketches - 9.5
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