Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell Review

Spoilers Ahead!

When I first saw that this was a movie in the making I just about jumped out of my seat, considering Burt Gummer was gonna be back in action! I started watching the Tremors series when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I followed the movies and the short-lived TV series they had on the Sci Fi channel. So needless to say I had high hopes for this film.

“Did ya miss me?” / “Yeah, like a boil on my ass” Travis’ conversation with Burt

For those of you unfamiliar with the Tremors series, Burt can get you caught up.

Tremors 6 takes place in Canada where the Graboids have been discovered to be laying dormant in the freezing arctic. Burt now running his shop in Perfection, Nevada alone, he is dealing with the IRS and his son from a previous affair. Once the bantering back and forth ensues Burt receives a call about the Graboids. Suspicious of this, he hears out the reasoning behind this suspicion from Valerie McKee, a Graboid enthusiast. While on this journey of Graboid hunting, we find out that Burt’s health is not all up to par. This turns the mission of extermination is soon turned into a lifesaving mission.

Some background information on the Graboids. The Graboids are in essence giant carnivorous worms. They can get up to thirty feet long and six feet in width. They can weigh between ten to twenty tons. They do not have eyes, as they are not needed due to their environment. They hunt by sensing vibration. They can burrow faster than a human can run. Normally to avoid these creatures you have to remain silent and stay still. The littlest of movement can give away your location.

The Graboids have a large black head that forms into a beak to push aside dirt while it burrows. This beak consists of a wide upper jaw, the lower jaw being thinner with hooked mandibles on both sides. Within that massive mouth are the three long tendrils that can reach up to ten feet in length. These tendrils look as if they have a mouth as well giving it the illusion of another creature when they break through the dirt. When wounded the blood that seeps out is a bright distinct orange color.

When these Graboids hit puberty, they can turn into Shriekers. These two-legged Graboids chew their way out from the original worm body, you essentially have a smaller and still as deadly Graboid chasing you down with a beard that flares up and screeches. Mind you, they are also blind but can hunt by sensing thermal detection. After shedding their skin they become the creature nicknamed as the Ass Blasters. The name speaks for itself, but again, this one can walk and fly and detect body heat as well!

When it comes to hunting them, lots of guns and lots of explosive. They won’t go out easy though.

This movie has been referred to as a Comedy/Action/ Horror movie. Now to me it’s not scary at all. When I first saw it as a kid, yeah I was a bit scared. With every film though I was always excited to see Burt Gummer. If it says anything, I wanted a weapons closet exactly like Burt at the age of six because I thought, and still do, that it looked awesome! I missed the humor and the violence. This film has surpassed the fifth ten times over! By far this is one of my favorite films of the year, even with its flaws.


  • Good story line that keeps the franchise going in a proper manner rather than going too over the top.
  • Burt Gummer is back in action!
  • A lot of dialogue meant for the comedy portion hits right on point.
  • More practical effects are used.


  • There is some goofy over the top sound effects that do take a little bit away from the action.
  • Some acting is better than others but for the most part there is chemistry between characters to keep you entertained.


Acting - 8
Effects - 8
Soundtrack - 7
Cinematography - 9
B-Rated Horror Movie Enthusiast, currently attending school for my Bachelors in Video Game Art and Design.
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