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Unrailed is a very cool game that is currently in Early Access. The premise is that you work as a team to create and lay out train tracks for a train that is moving slowly. The scenario, environment, and working materials can change throughout the levels, causing quite a bit of mayhem.

About the Game

Unrailed was developed by Indoor Astronaut and published by both Daedalic Entertainment and Bilibili, and is currently available on Steam. The game is requires at least two players, and can be both local co-op and multiplayer with up to four people.

While the game may seem very straight-forward to play, it slowly ramps up in difficulty as you go through the many worlds.

When playing the game myself, I got a ton of flashbacks to playing Overcooked with a group of my friends.


The game is surrounded on the concept that you must create rails for an on-coming train. Some challenges along the way include:

  • Gathering Resources
  • Clearing the Path
  • Constructing Rails
  • Building Bridges

There is also a 2v2 competition mode, normal, and endless. The ranges of game difficulty include easy, medium, and hard.

The main difficulty I found was the matchmaking as a solo players was indefinite. I was never able to actually find a game queuing solo, which sort of makes the multiplayer aspect of it difficult if your friends haven’t bought the game.


One thing that’s super interesting about Unrailed are the controls. You don’t need your mouse, and can play with one, or a half of a keyboard. When playing, you traditionally use the space bar to pick up items like an axe or pickaxe, and when you’re up against minerals or vegetation it’ll chop it all up. From here, you then press space bar on the minerals or wood, and it’ll automatically drop the axe/pickaxe and pick up the new selected item. It’s very finished regarding how the controls work in your favor, and are not difficult to use.

Graphics & Sound

I thoroughly enjoy the graphics of Unrailed. It reminds me a bit of Crossy Road mixed in with Minecraft. The biomes within the game are beautiful and have their own soundtracks depending on if it’s day or night. The game also embraced the Halloween spirit with jack-o-lanterns in the menu screen, which is a nice touch.

When playing I never got a graphics or sound bug, so they certainly put a lot of effort into making the game extremely polished.

Final Thoughts

Overall Unrailed is a cool niche game. You certainly need to have people you know to play it because the multiplayer matchmaking is not as functional as I wish it were. The graphics are very pretty, and the sounds are spot-on and help enhance the game. I do believe for an Early Access game that Unrailed is excellent. I honestly can’t wait to see more of what they put into the game through Early Access and into a ‘full release’.

You can get your hands on Unrailed now on PC through Steam!


  • Perfect Niche Game
  • Creates a Chaotic Environment
  • Fun Multiplayer Party Game


  • Matchmaking is Lacking in Solo Queue


Gameplay - 8
Matchmaking - 2
Controls - 10
Graphics - 10
Sounds - 10
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