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Untitled Goose Game by House House, has taken the internet by storm with the adorable and troublesome antics of a rogue goose. It became time to review the game, and it surely did not disappoint!

About the Game

The entire premise of Untitled Goose Game is causing mayhem as a goose. The only purpose for the goose is this chaos, through a mysterious list telling you what to do (that grows throughout the areas).

The First ‘To Do’ List

Throughout the game you’re taken through a quaint village full of citizens who are seriously done with your antics. They will stop at nothing to prevent you from taking their items, and moving them around. Clearly, they just don’t understand why the goose is doing this. As an example, while he may have needed his glasses, the list required them for another check-off.

For example, stealing his glasses!


As for the gameplay of Untitled Goose Game, it’s very straight forward. Solve puzzles, cross out the list, and along the way evade the villagers. They are truly the only thing coming between you and the objectives, and clearly the goose is in the right. While the puzzles do evolve overtime in the game, they all remain on-point with the list, and the new objectives that appear.


Featured for this review are a few examples for the puzzles. They are below in spoiler tabs just in case you haven’t played Untitled Goose Game yet!

Break the Dart Board

For this puzzle, you have to scare the old man as he throws a dart at the board. The honk provides just enough fright!

Rake in the Lake

This one is really easy. Steal the rake from the gardener without him seeing, and put it in the lake! It doesn’t matter if he takes it back, the game counts it once you have it completed.

Break the Vase

This puzzle was a bit more tricky. You have to bring the vase from the left side of the fence to the other side, where it’s then thrown over!


For this review, Untitled Goose Game was played on the Nintendo Switch. Overall, the controls were very basic – and the most confusing part was accidentally hitting honk instead of grab. Overtime this became easier to avoid, but the controls are simple.

Untitled Goose Game Controls

Music and Sounds

Untitled Goose Game doesn’t have a normal game soundtrack. The entire source of music is a piano, that changes in tune depending on what’s happening in the game. It’s also an alert for when the villagers spot you doing your naughty goose actions. As the villagers gain in aggro and begin to shoo the goose away, the piano grows in speed and tune. Within the game’s credits, the music is based on Debussy’s “Préludes”. It’s honestly the perfect music for the game because it heightens the mischief being done, and creates a sense of panic.

As for the game’s sounds, they are all environmental and goose. The boombox plays a jam, the puddles make noise, and glass being thrown around clinks. Not to mention the goose can honk with the Y button literally anytime. This leads to some very unique honks, including the one inside a glass bottle.

Even when holding a bar of soap the goose honks, and bubbles come out popping with sound.

Overall the sound is perfect and realistic, for items and the goose.


The graphics for Untitled Goose Game are extremely adorable. It’s a simplistic art-style that doesn’t take away from the gameplay, but makes it better. It looks and feels like a relaxing game, with some cute parts to see along the way.

Goose in a Bow

Goose on TV

No Goose Signs throughout the Areas (how rude!)
Man in Tomatoes

The Ending

While some may think Untitled Goose Game is too short, the game does have a very cute ending, along with what could be considered NG+.

Cute Ending

The ending for Untitled Goose Game is literally the goose getting into a model village of the village. It’s a replica that shows all the areas, and lets you be a Godzilla goose taking it apart. Going further in the village is also a model of the model village, which is just hilarious.

Right at the end though is a tower, with a golden bell at the top just ripe for the picking. This is truly the main objective of the game, and shows just how truly mad the goose is.

It’s now time to destroy the castle and get the bell!

Once we get the bell down, our final normal game objective is taking it home! The ending is truly a victory lap through the entire village, where everyone is trying to take the bell from you.

The only thing we hadn’t realized is that goose has been doing this for a long time. There are at least seven other bells sitting in the pile back at his home!


Once you take the bell home, the credits roll but after NG+ starts with entire new pages of things to do!

Final Thoughts

Untitled Goose Game has certainly become a favorite of mine. While the replay-ability for the game isn’t the highest, it has a ton of things to do in the normal campaign and in NG+. The graphics, sound, and music are adorable, and the entire game as one package is hard to say no to. Including that the game is rated E, it’s perfect for all ages who want to take a shot at being the bad goose, and driving the villagers mad.

You can get Untitled Goose Game both on PC through the Epic Games Store, and on the Nintendo Switch through the eShop. The game is also slated to be on Steam in 2020.

This review was done on the Nintendo Switch, where it played wonderfully.


  • Thoughtful Puzzles
  • Great Sound and Music
  • Eye Pleasing Graphics
  • New Game Plus List


  • Not a High Replay-ability After Completion


Puzzles - 10
Gameplay - 10
Sound and Music - 10
Graphics - 10
Game Mechanics - 10
Value - 9.5
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