Warlock Holmes – My Grave Ritual Review

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Warlock Holmes has become one of the most enthralling series I have ever read, and diving into number three, My Grave Ritual proved to be no different. G.S. Denning has re-created the feeling of classic Sherlock Holmes mixed with comedic situations and supernatural elements involving demons, binding charms, vampires, and trolls. After reading Warlock Holmes, Elementary and Sherlock will never be the same.

The Adventures in My Grave Ritual

Warlock Holmes – My Grave Ritual would be nothing without the adventurous tales of John Watson and Warlock Holmes as they fight and reconcile with supernatural elements that plague the Queen’s land in England. Among some of the tales include:

  • The Adventure of the Navel-Starer
  • The Adventure of the Blue Gob-Runkle
  • The Adventure of the Disgusting Stain
  • The Adventure of My Grave Ritual
  • The Adventure of the Copper’s Screeches
  • The Adventure of the Red Head’s League
  • The Adventure of the Three Apprentices
  • A Scandal in Boh-grah-grah-grah

Without spoiling the whole book, I have selected a few entertaining sections to discuss, and show the antics that Watson and Holmes get up to!

Spoilers for The Adventure of the Copper's Screeches

In my opinion, this is one of the more entertaining adventures, bringing in a new character named Violet Hunter. Her connection with Holmes and Watson goes into her family, where her brother was under Moriarty’s protection and service. But her needs are much more dire, as her job as a governess is on the line. She is requested by Jephro ‘Copper’ Rucastle to teach his ‘son’ Barghest how to behave, but the situation is much more fishier than just that.

Not only does Violet notice that the son has no manners, but she is to wear this electric blue dress (literally electric) and read from a script to this Ampere (demon) begging for him to take her, saying her name is Alice. In her time of need, she goes to Holmes and Watson looking for their protection, and the way that Holmes is able to do this is for Violet to kiss Watson to bind her to Holmes.

As she gets further into danger, Holmes kisses Watson to push his soul into her body so he may assist her with any problems that arise between herself and the Rucastles. Not only is this awkward for Watson since he is romantically attracted to Violet but,

“In this volume: Watson’s first kiss. Watson’s first dude-kiss. Watson’s first sleepy-kiss” (courtesy of G.S. Denning)

Moving forward from this adventure, Violet Hunter goes onto her own adventures, seeking the guidance of Watson and Holmes occasionally.

Hopefully she comes back for the next book!

Spoilers for The Adventure of the Red Head's League

In this fantastic adventure we finally find out what happened while Watson was away in Violet’s body!

Watson and Holmes are hired to look into the ‘Red Head’s League’ after a member named Jabez Wilson is removed abruptly from the well-paying membership. By doing so, they discover the league is not real, and that Wilson’s new employee Vincent Spaulding (known as John Clay, formerly in Moriarty’s service) is digging from Wilson’s cellar to the next-door bank. Upon this discovery, it is found that Ezekiah Hopkins who supposedly founded the ‘Red Head’s League’ is really a red-headed soul sucker looking to complete his life while immortal.

During this, Violet sends Holmes a mental urgency of danger, in which Holmes kisses Watson who is unconscious into her body, and discusses why Hopkins is trying to murder people. Doing so, Holmes turns Watson’s hair red and makes him as bait for Hopkins since Watson’s soul is no longer in there. While Hopkins is trying to suck Watson’s soul out, Holmes destroys him, and then turns to have Lestrade and Grogsson arrest Clay.


Story, Character Development and Connection to Earlier Books

G.S. Denning has done a wonderful job of connecting the two earlier books, Warlock Holmes – A Study in Brimstone alongside Warlock Holmes – The Hell-Hounds of Baskerville to the new novel My Grave Ritual. The humor is thorough throughout the series, where Watson and Holmes have their tid-bits of sniping back and forth, alongside their quirks. They are inclusively challenged by former enemies including Moriarty, Irene Adler (The Woman), and other extensive supernatural entities that make their way to the Queen’s land. Warlock faces many contradictory actions as a Doctor bound to do no harm, while Holmes must overcome his demon tendencies to use magic profusely for the small and large chores of life.

Moving directly to the story of My Grave Ritual, this leads into what I hope to be future books in the series by G.S. Denning. The ending of the book is what I consider to be a cliff-hanger, where the life of a main character is in mortal danger and without having a future book their fate is simply unknown.

Covfefe the Demon

While Warlock Holmes – My Grave Ritual is just a plain amazing mystery novel in the series, G.S. Denning has included a few ‘interesting’ qualities that were shared on social media. If you’ve followed Warlock Holmes or G.S. Denning on social media, you’d know the humorous author promised to name a demon Covfefe after the Donald Trump social media flop (which I wholeheartedly supported).

Following this, G.S. Denning and Warlock Holmes shared:

I’m proud to say G.S. Denning came through, and indeed name a demon named Covfefe, and I consider this demon to be very egotistical, especially when he stated in the book:

“Then Covfefe said, ‘You’re too stupid to solve it. Stupid is a good word. I have the best words. I’m gonna take human form and solve it for you, okay? No problem. I’m great'”.

Covfefe will forever live on in Warlock Holmes.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been a true fan of Warlock Holmes since the initial book A Study in Brimstone was published through Titan Books in 2016. The books are familiar in quality to Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, and BBC’s Sherlock. When reading them you’re instantly transported to the supernatural world of Warlock Holmes, where demons, charms, and other maladies are very real. The balance of mystery with supernatural is superb and quite a combination.

You can get your own copy of Warlock Holmes – My Grave Ritual through Titan Books and Amazon. Highly recommended.


  • Connected to Earlier Books
  • Characters Developed in Habits and Emotions
  • Good Quality Supernatural Characteristics
  • Adventures Varied in Characters


  • Ended on a Cliff-Hanger
  • Warlock Holmes' Abilities Not Yet Completely Explained (but also adds mystery quality)


Story - 10
Character Development - 9.9
Connection to Series - 10
Supernatural Characteristics - 10
Adventure Qualities - 9.5
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