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Woven is an adorable narrative adventure game that features plenty of mystery and an abundance of story. Exploring the world not only unlocks new designs and story element, but the narration adds to the discovery and wonder.


The game starts out with an elephant named Stuffy, who is made out of felt and stuffing, in a knitted vibrant world. Through adventuring Stuffy comes across another being called Glitch, who is a mechanical wonder. Utilizing Glitch’s abilities, Stuffy is able to interact with the machines and change his pattern and shape which gives new abilities. The main reason for exploring is to discover what happened to the rest of Stuffy’s kind, and also why Glitch is here. Playing through, you can unlock memories from Glitch that show a glimpse into the past.

Gameplay Mechanics

While Woven is a narrative adventure, the game also has puzzle solving. Using the machines to change Stuffy’s abilities and look, the game progresses and you learn more about the characters.

Mechanics-wise, both Stuffy and Glitch have mini menus that show their abilities. Stuffy has the ability to push blocks, stamp the ground, and make a calling noise to nearby creatures. Whereas Glitch can light the darkness, interact with machines, and inspect patterns to unlock more options for Stuffy. The machines play a huge role in the game because finding new patterns and shapes will solve the puzzles ahead.


The most appealing first-look at Woven is the graphics. I was sold on the game because it brought back really fond memories of playing other fabric-based design games like Yoshi’s Crafted World and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The design elements of making the world out of knitted and stitched fabric is beautiful.


Woven has beautiful ambiance music and environmental sounds, and also a very appealing voice actor narrating the game. The narration and voice acting is generally aimed at a younger audience, appealing to children in a nursery rhyme manner. That being said, as an older gamer I don’t find this daunting or negative. It just lightens the gameplay and creates a pleasant playing experience!

Nintendo Switch Gameplay

This review for Woven was done on the Nintendo Switch. Any game I can play on the Switch I definitely want to try, and Woven played wonderfully. The controls on the joy-cons were very well done, and playing in hand-held mode alongside docked performed great. I would say if you pick up Woven, pick it up on the Nintendo Switch and take the magic on the go.


Overall I love the idea of Woven and how much work went into making the game. I do think the target audience or ideal group would be younger children. Because the entire game is narrated with voice acting and subtitles it makes the game much more appealing and playable for young children. The puzzles aren’t extremely difficult, and because there’s no combat or inappropriate content it is ideal for the Everyone rating it received. Playing this I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has young children, and wants to get them an appropriate game.

You can get your copy of Woven on the Nintendo Switch directly from the eShop!


  • Vibrant Graphics
  • On-spot Narration
  • Plays Smooth on Nintendo Switch
  • Interesting Game Mechanics
  • Decent Value for $20


  • Low Replayability


Story - 8
Game Mechanics - 9
Graphics - 9
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 7
Replayability - 7
Value - 8
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