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2K Games kocked itself out in its confusion!

After waiting for a long time, I decided to pre-order WWE 2K20 a day before its launch. It was looking interesting with all the focus towards the “Women’s Revolution” and some creative arenas and such. I got into the game, and…you’ll have to keep reading to know.


  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 (latest updates)
  • CPU: AMD FX 8150 | Intel Core i5-3550
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 | AMD Radeon HD 7850
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • DirectX: 11
  • *Requires at least 2 GB DDR video memory
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 (latest updates)
  • CPU: AMD FX-8350 | Intel Core i7-3770
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290X | Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • DirectX: 11
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • OS: 64-bit: Windows® 10 (latest updates)
  • Processor: Core i7-7700HQ 2.8 – 3.8 Ghz
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Version 11

WWE 2K20

We’ve been through this for years already. We get yearly games from 2K Games for a few different sports. WWE is no different. They try to get them to be “better” each year; however, they don’t always get it right. That’s the case with WWE 2K20. And believe me when I say this: this is the worst game in the WWE 2K series.

There are many, many issues with this game. Starting with visual bugs and going all the way up to performance. This is unacceptable for a company that has been doing the same game for so many years. But we’ll go through all of these things in a bit, just keep going with me on this journey.

Disclaimer: There will be story spoilers below. They are so unsurprising that I won’t be hiding them.


This game mode is normally the one to beat before going on to the rest of the game. Last year, we had Buzz going from indies, to becoming the Universal Champion. This time, we have the story of two best friends: Red and Tre. They come from the same town and school where they decided to make a list of objectives for their career. Both wanted to become WWE Superstars. The usual, nothing too “creative” so far.

I won’t go into too many details for the story. All you have to know is that we see, in retrospective, how did these friends get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. They tell us about their beginnings in the industry, how they became champions and what they did to cause such an impact that they earned a place in history.

A life-long enemy. An enemy acquired after starting in WWE. Both coming together so that 2K could have a way to add the Mixed-Match Challenge into the story.

Of course, being a WWE game, they had to go the extra mile with the story. They blew it out of the field with your journey to fight Undertaker. You meet Papa Shango, Kane, Woken Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt and Nikki Cross and end up in a match against Undertaker. In hell.

Story Issues

When it comes to the story the main issue is the same we experience as the audience watching Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown. It feels as if the WWE “creatives” were the ones coming up with the idea for MyPlayer’s story. It is awful, unlikable, boring and the worst part: predictable.

You never get to connect with any of the characters here. Tre and Red are not likable nor relatable. The “villain” gets really boring, really fast. Again, the story is as predictable as it is boring. I couldn’t, for the sake of me, pay attention to the whole thing. I wanted to skip those awful dialogues, but that’s not even possible to do. I’ll say it this way: completing the MyPlayer story was a chore.

That’s me, celebrating I don’t have to play this story ever again.


Where do I begin? Well, the mere basics. The game closes itself constantly, after a match, before it auto-saves your progress right in-between the final scene and you getting to the next place. This means you have to fight the same match at least a couple of times…constantly. Plus, you get the rights to watch the whole scene all over again! Remember, you can’t skip them!

Besides that, something that almost killed me (well, my computer) was the fact that, even though I set everything so that WWE 2K20 would launch using my Nvidia graphics card, the first time I launched the game, it didn’t honor that. My integrated card didn’t like it…at all. I had to force-close the game to redo my settings. I was almost ready to uninstall and just leave it be at that point. But I had to review it. Because that’s what I am…

During your matches, you’ll encounter countless bugs as well. Going from the usual steel steps dancing around the ring, up to the referee becoming the most dramatic person in the world.

Oh, there’s also the usual floating wrestler, referee and magician wrestlers who can go through the ropes whenever they please.

Playability Issues

I hated the fact that there are so many non-playable scenes within matches. 2K went the easy way and they just made you repeat everything a few times, until they simply cut you off the game and showed you some cut scene showing whatever they want you to see. It was plain stupid. I wanted to play the game, going through all the dull and repetitive “challenges” during matches. I did it, only to end up with a “strike X while in the ring” to trigger a cut scene. Are you for real, 2K?

Guess what? I also got the Royal Rumble bugged a few times. During MyPlayer story, you get drafted (I’m assuming, every single time) at number 23 for the Royal Rumble match. You have to eliminate every single one of your rivals yourself. At the end, when you eliminate the last one…if you do it too fast, you’ll get stuck in the ring, waiting for something to happen, and nothing will happen. At all. You’ll need to restart the match and eliminate everyone again.


Why on Earth did you decide to change the controls? These are awful. Go back to what we’ve had for years. Defending with “Y” makes no sense. Changing the whole schema of how you play the game is idiotic.

Reactiveness of controls are the worst here. Firstly, I keep trying to block with “RT” instead of “Y”. Secondly, I get stuck trying to get out of the ring. Last but not least, when I do hit the reverse button, it doesn’t do anything half of the time, so it is a 50-50 chance you did it right. Sometimes, there’s even no pop-up for you to reverse. You have to just imagine they’re going to attack.

2K Showcase – The Women’s Evolution

There isn’t much to discuss here. Same sort of bugs as already mentioned. Same awful play-ability. It does, though, have a nice story. But we already know that story. So there’s no…catch here.

My Universe

I was expecting a lot for this game mode. Mostly because this is where I spend most of my time on every single game of the WWE 2K saga. Sadly, this is yet another let down. Nothing special here. Normally, you’d just customize the hell out of your universe to make it interesting, but let me tell you, there aren’t many choices right now. You go to download assets, and there’s nothing. Being fair, you can find about 8 pages of stuff, but they are awful right now.

I tried uploading a few images to make tattoos for my custom superstars. When I go in-game to check them, I see them incoming, but they never download. This is as dumb as this game gets.


I’ll give the developers and designers one single thing out of the entire WWE 2K20: they finally improved -slightly- the way hair looks. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a mess and I hate it. But it is slightly better than it was before.

Now, let’s leave that aside. Because that’s probably the only good thing I’ll say about this game. Kind of. Besides this, there’s no real improvement when it comes to the crowd, the ring, the ramp or scenography. They’re the same, with nicer borders. Don’t get confused with the new places you’ll get to, they’re the same thing as usual, just with different decor.

Something I have issues with, and something WWE Superstars should really rage about (if they care about the game) are character designs. It really feels as if they cared only about a small group of superstars, and outsourced the design of everyone else to some place where people don’t know about character design.

Look at the demonic faces from Peyton Royce and Elias. Then take a look at Ronda Rousey. It makes absolutely no sense. Did a single team design everything? Seriously, it feels as if they got their top people on Ronda, AJ, Samoa Joe, but put people without knowledge to get everybody else. As a puzzle: “here are the assets we used on previous entries, assemble them and make them look playable”. That’s what I imagine someone telling them.

Did I tell you about the stupid designs for stuff they didn’t know how to work out? Like…high heels…Look at this abomination:

Serious Question
What the hell, 2K?

We do have the usual-yet-unacceptable visual glitches…during cutscenes.

Can you spot it?

Visually, overall, this game is awful. Just look at how unrealistic that dude with the WWE Championship looks. That face is the same one I get on WWE 2K15 and older. What am I paying for then? Half-assed roster designs?


I always look forward to WWE 2K games’ soundtrack. It is normally great. This year’s is…average. While on WWE 2K19 I could leave the game running on the home screen just to listen to the soundtrack, on WWE 2K20, I mute it. It isn’t bad, but I grew tired of it quickly. I’d rather listen to my own music, really.

Final Verdict

After beating both, MyPlayer and 2K Showcase there’s virtually nothing to do here. The gameplay feels slower than in previous entries, it is way too buggy and it simply closes itself way too much for you to be able to enjoy the game. As soon as I did finish my testing for this review, I quickly jumped back into WWE 2K19 because it is way better than this year’s entry in the franchise.

If you’re hesitant on whether or not to get this game I have a few ideas that may help you decide:

  • If you’re bored of WWE shows right now: don’t get WWE 2K20. As I mentioned above, the story feels scripted by the same “creatives” that are recycling ideas and managing to make them worse every time.
  • Performance is awful. You won’t get much done without the game closing on you.
  • Controls aren’t responsive enough. They decided to change them for whatever reason, and they did a horrible job with that.
  • If you’re into graphics, you’ll be disappointed.
  • Bugs. There are way too many. I didn’t mention this before, but you know the comeback animation? Well, I keep getting invisible buttons to press, so I have been able to hit it successfully only once.
  • If you’re really wanting to get into this game, I’d honestly say: wait until they fix it or wait for a really good deal at a lower price. It isn’t worth it, not even the standard edition. Wait until they release the 2K Originals, wait until they release the GB’s worth of fixes they have to deploy to make the game…playable. Don’t waste your money right now.

Personally, I’m disappointed. I wasn’t expecting too much, and I’d even said in social media that I couldn’t give my money to a company which hasn’t been able to get hair physics right in so many years. That was the least of the issues here. It is an awful product, and it shouldn’t have been released now. They should’ve waited and finished the game before starting to charge gamers.

Don’t let it Get In

Even Bray Wyatt is disappointed. The Fiend may be the one coming for the developers this time.


  • Awful story
  • Unrelatable characters
  • BUGS!!!
  • Slow gameplay
  • Terrible controls
  • Nightmarish visuals
  • No real improvement from previous games
  • Feels incomplete
  • Did I mention the bugs?


Story - 2
Characters - 2
Gameplay - 5
Soundtrack - 5
Graphics - 3
Controls - 4
Geek, writer, musician. John is a horror addict, DC Comics fan (Marvel too, though) and a single-player games enthusiast. You can normally find him watching horror movies or playing games on PC, unless he is writing, in which case, you won't see him around.
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